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Global Learning will assist you with all the accommodation arrangements. If students don’t stay at pre-booked dorms on campus, there is a large number of off-campus accommodation options available which cater to all kinds of budgets and preferences. Typically students choose between dormitories, home stays with local families, shared apartments or even luxury tropical villas overlooking the ocean. You can expect to pay around 200 EUR/USD a month for a good-quality accommodation, depending on the destination. (Please note that accommodation and some meals are included in the fee for the two-week Summer/Winter International Programs!)

The following recommendations should serve as a guideline when arranging accommodation for your study abroad:

Tick-smallFirst of all, we recommend you to only book your long-time accommodation once at the study abroad destination (unless you have a dorm room on-campus). Our students usually stay at hotels or hostels for the first couple of days or a week, which will allow them to get to know the other students and thus potential roommates during the orientation and the welcome dinner. We recommend booking the accommodation for your first days at the study abroad destination via HotelsCombined.

Tick-smallBasically all the accommodation options – whether on campus dorms, off-campus shared housing or private up-scale apartments and tropical villas are more affordable than a similar accommodation option back in your home country.

Tick-smallThe accommodation options available in the private market are, by and large, more luxurious, though also somewhat more expensive, than student housing on campus. Nevertheless, private accommodation options are still very affordable because of the generally lower prices in Asia.

Tick-smallAs it’s common in Asia to do business face-to-face, arranging accommodation in advance by phone or email may prove to be rather difficult. However, this is not at all a problem because finding and arranging housing once you have arrived at your study destination is fast and straightforward – including negotiating the details of the rental agreement and agreeing on the final price.

Tick-smallWhile some students choose more affordable, so to say no-frills, accommodation, others want to enjoy some extra comfort and luxury during their study abroad, such as dip into their own private swimming pool after classes. You may thus want to look – and carefully compare – all kinds of options while searching for your new place – and you may eventually be surprised what ‘bargain’ luxury tropical paradise home you will discover!

Tick-smallAbout a month before the start of the program, we will send the enrolled students the Global Learning Study Abroad Guide that includes, among other things, detailed information on various accommodation options recommended by our previous students.

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