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Basic Requirements

Basic requirements to be a study abroad student are:

A minimum age of 18 years

A high school diploma or similar certificate

Sufficient English language proficiency to participate effectively in the academic studies and function on a day-to-day basis. Although it is not mandatory to present an English language proficiency test (e.g. TOEFL) in order to apply for a study abroad program with Global Learning, fluency in the English language is a must to do well in your studies abroad.

Anyone fulfilling these entry requirements is eligible to apply, including undergraduates, postgraduates, academics and those in employment in any industry, anywhere in the world. Please note that since students studying at Global Learning’s partner universities are ‘free-movers’, they are not required to be currently enrolled in a university or come from a university with an existing bilateral agreement with one of our host universities.

Who Can Apply?

Basically anyone over 18 years of age with a high school diploma and a sufficient level of English and namely:

Undergraduate or postgraduate students

Anyone who is enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate program at a college or a university can apply for a study abroad program anytime during his or her studies. Global Learning offers a variety of study abroad programs – from short Summer/Winter programs to semester-long programs – which allows for greater flexibility when planning. Although you can apply early in your studies, you should have mastered basic study techniques before going on exchange to make sure that you take out the most from your time abroad. Although many students decide to study abroad during their third year of undergraduate or the first year of graduate studies, it is never too late to go.

Honors, Master’s or PhD students wishing to conduct in-country research

All Global Learning study abroad programs provide an excellent opportunity for graduate and post-graduate students to get a shot of new energy, fresh ideas and inspiration for your thesis or dissertation writing. As a Honors or PhD student, you will benefit from having the chance to gain multiple perspectives from other students and academics from different countries.

Leading academics and experts in our partner universities are available to offer their advice and academic guidance and answer your questions related to your research. Some Honors, MA and PhD students actually use the time spent abroad by undertaking intensive fieldwork or data collection. In fact, many graduate students report an enormous progress toward their theses and dissertations during the time spent studying abroad.

Young professionals

Our programs are well-suited also for young professionals. Global Learning also gives young professionals from all over the world the exceptional opportunity to enhance their global and leadership competence while studying abroad in some of the leading educational institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Global Learning programs focus on various cutting-edge topics in international relations and politics, international business and economics.

As a young professional, you can develop and strengthen your leadership skills by participating in a study abroad program that will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, and learn how to interact with people of different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. An educational opportunity outside your homeland is a valuable tool that will prepare you to participate and lead effectively in an increasingly interconnected international community that demands cross-cultural skills and knowledge. The study abroad experience will give added value to your personal career network and you the chance to stand out.

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