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Our Mission

GLOBAL LEARNING is a non-profit organization which develops high quality, affordable international educational programs for a diverse student population and administers a range of study abroad programs in collaboration with its partner universities in Europe and Asia.

In light of the process of globalization gathering pace, the growing internationalization, and the ensuing necessity for today’s leaders – whether in international relations, politics or business – to be able to communicate smoothly across different societies and cultures and have a global perspective and competence, the key objectives of GLOBAL LEARNING’s wide-reaching international mission are to

Tick-smallprovide international learning opportunities worldwide, in multiple formats, that meet the highest standards of academic quality and which are central to a quality liberal education

Tick-smallassist students and young professionals to build communities and relationships across cultures and geographies, as well as gain cultural fluency and hone language skills, in order to become competent global leaders

Tick-smallempower today’s students to become tomorrow’s global leaders able to easily navigate in the increasingly globalized and multicultural world.

GLOBAL LEARNING encourages students to enhance their educational experience through diverse intellectual perspectives, active immersion in a new culture, and critical, first-hand engagement with local and global challenges. We aspire to enrich the academic curriculum by providing our students with a variety of learning opportunities, which shape the way students think about themselves, their communities, and the world. To achieve these objectives, GLOBAL LEARNING

Tick-smallcollaborates with distinguished academics and experts in leading universities in different countries around the world;…………………………………………..


offers premier study abroad programs – from semester-long to short summer programs – that facilitate learning inside and outside the classroom, rigorous academic environments, and immersion experiences;

Tick-smalloffers international programs that fulfill general education and major requirements in a range of academic disciplines, notably social sciences, humanities and international business;

Tick-smallpromotes dynamic engagement beyond the classroom and hands-on approach to gain a better understanding of different phenomena through regular faculty-designed excursions and field-trips;

Tick-smalladvises students and young professionals about study abroad options and help them identify programs that best meet their academic and professional goals;

Tick-smallsupports students before they leave, while they are studying abroad and upon returning to their home institution.

Our Philosophy

GLOBAL LEARNING strives to be creative, proactive, and responsive, as well as to emulate and set best practices in the study abroad field. With the interests of our students being our highest priority, GLOBAL LEARNING is committed to the delivery of superior academic programs, and to providing excellent service to our students and our partner universities around the world. Upon the completion of one of the study abroad programs offered by GLOBAL LEARNING, our students will have increased knowledge and expertise in their respective fields, enhanced their cognitive complexity, self-realization, relational interdependence, humanitarianism, and they will have built new life and professional skills. Through GLOBAL LEARNING programs, students will be better prepared for their roles and responsibilities as global citizens.

Our Principles of Open Academic Debate

Tick-smallRespect disagreement.

Tick-smallDon’t impose your views on others.

Tick-smallAttack ideas, never people.

Our Vision

We envisage a peaceful world led by inter-culturally competent leaders with a truly global vision that can easily navigate across different societies, cultures and geographies – in politics, business, education or non-profit sector – and that have understanding and skills to effectively, humanly, and positively empower others, solve global problems and thus shape a better world of tomorrow.

We help educate the global leaders of tomorrow.

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