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Study Programs

With a variety of programs available, our students have options to study abroad for a period as short as two-weeks or one semester or as long as one academic year. Note that a very high percentage of study abroad participants report that they wish they had gone for a longer term!


Brussels  Summer School for Young Leaders: ‘EU as a Global Actor’

Drapeaux européens devant le Berlaymont

Study Abroad Destination: Institut d’Études Européennes – Université libre de Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium)

Program Outline: The one-week Brussels Summer School for Young Leaders is centered on the theme of ‘Europe as a Global Actor’ and the program builds upon our strong links with Brussels-based institutions and organizations. The program will start with an opening lecture and debate followed by a welcome reception in the evening on Sunday. Over the period of one week, students will participate in a series of lectures, seminars, workshops and debates addressing the main contemporary issues and geopolitical and security challenges facing the European Union. The Brussels Summer School will broaden the students’ knowledge of how the European Union functions and how it deals with different security, economic and political challenges it faces in today’s increasingly complex international system. Packed also with simulation games (to get an insight into EU decision-making processes), study visits to EU institutions and a careers workshop (to learn about a range of employment opportunities with EU institutions and other organizations in Brussels, what skills are in high demand and how to apply), Brussels Summer School for Young Leaders provides the participants not only with an academic enrichment but is also a valuable asset in their professional life. Ultimately, this one-week of academic and life-enhancing immersion in the capital of Europe will expand the participants’ professional, academic and social networks to help enhance their future career prospects.

International Asia Business School & Internship

SingaporeSkylinejpgStudy Abroad Destination: Prince of Songkla University (Phuket, Thailand)

Program Outline: International Asia Business School & Internship is a leading short-term study abroad summer/winter school program, held at Thailand’s leading Prince of Songkla University on the island of Phuket, which aims to immerse the participants in the business environment, business practice, cultural values, consumer behavior, and manufacturing and servicing industries‘ development in the Asia-Pacific, with a special emphasis on Southeast Asia and China. It is specially designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of International Business, Economics, Business Administration and Banking & Finance and other related fields as well as for young professionals wishing to enhance their cross-cultural and global leadership competence. Packed also with study trips to different regional companies and organizations, a careers workshop (to learn about a range of employment opportunities available across Asia), and a one full day internship with a Thai/multinational company, International Asia Business School & Internship provides the participants not only with an academic enrichment but is also a valuable asset in their professional life. Ultimately, these two weeks of academic and life-enhancing immersion on the Thai paradise island will expand your professional, academic and social networks and your future career prospects.

Post-Conflict Development and Democratization

AngkorWatMonkStudy Abroad Destination: Pannasastra University (Phnompenh, Cambodia)

Program Outline: program scheduled for opening in 2019 – details about the study abroad programs at Pannasastra University are coming soon.





Bali International 2019 Summer School: ‘In Search of Southeast Asia’

IndonesiaFlagStudy Abroad Destination: Udayana University (Bali, Indonesia)

Program Outline: The two-week intensive international study abroad program, which will be held  at  Indonesia’s leading Udayana University on the tropical island of Bali, will offer superb two weeks of learning, sharing, cultural immersion, networking and connecting. The series of lectures, study trips and other activities provides a multidisciplinary introduction to key concepts in international relations, politics, economics, sociology and anthropology and their uses in the analysis of modern Southeast Asia, with a special emphasis on Indonesia. It covers the historical, political, cultural and social factors that have helped shape Southeast Asia and the regional grouping ASEAN. Organized activities include an excursion to cultural, religious and historical sites in Bali, several study trips, each focusing on a particular theme, as well as team-building activities, including a white-water rafting adventure trip. There will certainly be also ample free time to explore. This program will be relevant and stimulating for students of various social sciences disciplines, but also young professionals interested in getting a deeper understanding of this strategically and economically important region. 


Asia-Europe Summer Academy: Policy Forum on Asian Affairs

Thai Classical Dance, Bangkok

Study Abroad Destination: KU Leuven – Brussels Campus (Brussels, Belgium)

Program Outline: In early 21st Century, relations with Asia have become crucial both for the private and the public sector all across Europe. Economic, political and cultural relations between the West and the East are growing, and the need in our part of the West – the European Union – for solid knowledge about contemporary developments in Asia is also growing. While the rise of China is clearly catching global and European attention, the importance of other parts of Asia should not be underestimated – India is obviously of growing importance, as much as Japan, South Korea and the economically dynamic ASEAN region, and notably Indonesia, all play an increasingly crucial role in regional and global security. With Asia in the world’s spotlight as it undergoes rapid growth, the Asia-Europe Summer Academy: Policy Forum on Asian Affairs taps into our expertise of the region and offers university students and young professionals an enriching knowledge and understanding of various Asian-related issues, developments and challenges. With its three-day intensive format, Asia-Europe Summer Academy offers a series of lectures and panel debates with leading experts in the field as well as workshops, informal discussions and networking, which complement each other for a more holistic experience.

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