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International Asia Business School & Internship


Prince of Songkla University – Phuket – Thailand

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| Expand Your Expertise in International Business by Studying in a Dynamic Asia!

| Enhance Your Career Prospects Through an Internship in International Business!


International Asia Business School & Internship is a leading short-term study abroad summer/winter school program, held at Thailand’s leading Prince of Songkla University on the island of Phuket, which aims to immerse the participants in the business environment, business practice, cultural values, consumer behavior, and manufacturing and servicing industries‘ development in the Asia-Pacific, with a special emphasis on Southeast Asia and China. It is specially designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of International Business, Economics, Business Administration and Banking & Finance and other related fields as well as for young professionals wishing to enhance their cross-cultural and global leadership competence.

Packed also with study trips to different regional companies and organizations, a careers workshop (to learn about a range of employment opportunities available across Asia), and a one full day internship with a Thai/multinational company, International Asia Business School & Internship provides the participants not only with an academic enrichment but is also a valuable asset in their professional life. Ultimately, these two weeks of academic and life-enhancing immersion on the Thai paradise island will expand your professional, academic and social networks and your future career prospects.

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Student Testimonials

Group Photo 1Amazing Program: The program started for me with a warmly pick up at the Phuket airport. On the next day, I got to know all of my fellow students and got a short introduction of the campus. Then the real program started. We had some very interesting lectures in our separate group and also together with our Thai student buddies. But the best of all were the trips and the people we met during the whole program, and especially the trip to a palm oil plantation and factory. Overall, it was a great time spent with great people. I would really recommend this academic program especially to everybody who is interested in understanding and/or doing business in Asia.                                                                                                                         Alex Loipetssperger                                                                                                                                                                              TUM – Technical University of Munich (Germany)

I attended in the summer of 2018 Global Learning’s ‘International Business School & Internship’. The course consists of a good combination of practical and theoretical learning while there is also time as well to experience Phuket a bit on your own if you wish. I especially found the day study trips as well as the teaching in cultural and political differences between Europe and Asia business very interesting.                                                                                                                                                    Jesper Kallestrup Sørensen                                                                                                                                                                Aarhus University (Denmark)


Program Outline

SingaporeSkylinejpgAs international business knowledge is a key requirement in today’s global economy, this program brings the challenges and complexities of the contemporary international business environment into the classroom. The series of lectures and workshops, which also focus on authentic case studies, enable students to engage with the economic, social, political and intercultural factors that impact on international business – with a special emphasis on Southeast Asia and China – and understand how these factors are addressed in the real world. With the Asia-Pacific dominating the international marketplace, there is high demand for employees with the right combination of business and cross-cultural skills.

As the International Asia Business School & Internship study abroad program is multidisciplinary in content, you will study a wide range of relevant topics from such disciplines and topics as economics, international trade, business management and marketing and intercultural communication in business negotiations. Participants will attend classes, where they will learn from outstanding faculty members, various experts and business leaders, and participate in active discussions, thematic study/field trips as well as a visit to major cultural, religious and historical sites around the island of Phuket, all designed to complement each another for a more holistic experience.

An important part of this program is one full day internship with a Thai/multinational company that will provide participants with a unique hands-on, career-related experience designed to supplement the classroom academic experience. You will participate in activities that mirror the professional activities of a senior manager, who will act as your supervisor and mentor for the whole day, in your selected company. Thus, the International Asia Business School & Internship offers a direct exposure to Asian corporate settings, providing participants with the opportunity to gain professional work experience and to build social networks in some of the region’s leading companies and organizations. Do not miss this unique opportunity to advance your career while staying in the tropical paradise island of Phuket!

The International Asia Business School & Internship study abroad summer/winter school program will thus enable you to explore various practical business management issues and marketing techniques in Southeast Asian countries, China and the wider region. You will also study the challenges faced by a marketing manager, who has to operate across different socio-cultural contexts, while identifying the influence of traditional and contemporary culture in Thai, Chinese and other Asian countries’ business negotiation styles. While focusing on an overall understanding of ASEAN’s and China’s recent economic development, followed by a deeper analysis of the major sectors such as external trade and investment, industry and technology, finance and other services, the labor force and human resources, the lectures, study trips and, ultimately, the internship will enable you to acquire a real insight into the key economic problems and issues faced by developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Detailed Program

Main Themes

The series of lectures, workshops, debates, study trips and other activities focus specifically on the following main themes:

  • Introduction to Business in Asia
  • Risk Management: International Business and Geopolitics
  • Intercultural Communication and Management
  • Asian Leadership and Management Style
  • Contemporary Issues in Chinese economy
  • International Trade (China, ASEAN and Asia-Pacific in general)
  • (Principles of) Marketing in Southeast Asia: How to Market Products and Services 
in ASEAN Countries
  • Integrated Marketing Communication: The Art of Branding in Emerging Markets
  • Human Resource Management in the Asian Context
  • Business Strategy in Emerging Markets
  • Role of the Superpowers in ASEAN: Economy and (Geo)Politics 
  • Thematic Study Trips
  • One Full-Day Internship

Prince of Songkla University

Prince of Songkla University is a leading university in Thailand. Founded in 1967 as the first university in southern Thailand, Prince of Songkla University consists of five campuses offering various programs of education. The university aspires to produce internationally recognized graduates that are actively involved in providing services to their communities.

Prince of Songkla University comprises 30 faculties, two hospitals, and more than 40 research centers, all committed to academic excellence, strong social responsibility, and active engagement in community services. The main objective of the university is to raise general education standards and support regional industry and development. Moreover, Prince of Songkla University aims to establish excellence in research and teaching, to provide academic services to communities, and to take an active role in the preservation of Thai heritage in arts and culture.

Being a leading educational institution in Asia, Prince of Songkla University has contributed significantly to the development of the country and has consistently produced well-qualified graduates of high professional standing.

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For Whom?

Library-ForWhomThe program is designed primarily for students of International Business, Economics, Business Administration and Banking & Finance enrolled in Bachelor’s, Master’s but also Doctoral programs who want to acquire an in-depth understanding and first-hand experience of the current economic development and business environment in the ASEAN region, as well as develop a critical understanding of the key economy, trade and finance-related issues in Southeast Asia and the wider Asia-Pacific. However, there are frequently students from other study backgrounds as well, such as International Relations, Politics, Sociology, Media and Communications, who decide to study other subjects to complement their majors and learn more about the world’s most dynamic region.

Last, but not the least, this program offers also young professionals the exceptional opportunity to enhance their global and leadership competence while focusing on various cutting-edge topics in international business, economics, international political economy, finance and banking. Regardless of your academic or professional background, the study abroad experience will undoubtedly be seen as an asset later in your future studies or professional career – in any case, you will have the opportunity to utilize your skills and knowledge no later than when you start competing for your place in the increasingly competitive global job market.

 Objectives and Learning Outcomes

  • LearnOutcomesAcquire a good grasp of a range of basic economic and developmental principles and the key factors which determine the pace and nature of economic growth;
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the distinct development models underpinning different Southeast Asian and Chinese economies;
  • Show an appreciation of the principles and the scope of marketing as a management discipline and understand it as a social enterprise in the Asia-Pacific context;
  • Be able to apply analytical techniques from strategy, finance, accounting, organizational 
theory, organizational behavior, marketing, economics and operations management in 
these analyses;

  • Acquire the ability to apply the principles of economic analysis to the design of economic policy with reference to the Asia Pacific region;
  • Understand the various skills needed by the marketing manager in different socio-cultural contexts and be able to explain the influence of traditional and contemporary culture in Chinese, Thai and other Asian countries’ business negotiation styles.

Program Dates and Fee & Study Abroad Credits

Fees&DatesWinter 2019/2020
Program dates: 8-20 March 2020
Application deadline:
25 February 2020
Credits earned: 5 ECTS/3 US credits
Program fee: without accommodation – 900 EUR / 1050 USD / 1500 AUD
                         with accommodation (twin share) – 1050 EUR / 1250 USD / 1750 AUD
                         with accommodation (single) – 1200 EUR / 1400 USD / 2000 AUD


Fees&DatesSummer 2020/2021
Program dates: August 2020 (tbc)
Application deadline: (tbc)
Credits earned: 5 ECTS/3 US credits

Program fee: without accommodation – 900 EUR / 1050 USD / 1500 AUD
                         with accommodation (twin share) – 1050 EUR / 1250 USD / 1750 AUD
                         with accommodation (single) – 1200 EUR / 1400 USD / 2000 AUD

Costs and Payment Method

The program fee includes:

  • Full tuition and enrollment fees and all classroom support costs
  • Accommodation (if requested)
  • All cultural and social programs, as well as field/study trips and excursions
  • Meals and drinks as listed in the program
  • Airport pick-up upon arrival in the study abroad destination
  • Transportation during the study/fieldwork trips and the internship
  • Official academic transcript from host university and credit transfer assistance
  • Official certificate confirming active and successful completion of the study abroad program
  • …and many others – for more detailed information, please see the list HERE.

The program fee does not include:

  • Registration fee (50 EUR / 60 USD / 90 AUD)
  • Flights (usually up from 350 EUR for a return airfare from Europe, 500 AUD from Australia or 600 USD from the US East Coast)
  • Meals not listed in the detailed program
  • Local transportation (other than airport pick-up and during the planned field/study trips)
  • Visas (if applicable)
  • Insurance (students need to sort out their own overseas travel insurance before they leave their home country)
  • Independent travel and entertainment

Payment method

Pay by electronic transfer – bank account details are available HERE.

Applying for a Study Abroad Program

APPLY NOW! For more information on how to apply, please go to APPLY NOW where you need to complete an electronic APPLICATION FORM. Please register your interest in the chosen Study Abroad Program as soon as possible as places are limited. If you wish to register after the deadline, please send an email to to check if there are still vacancies.

Cancellation Policy: If the cancellation is notified before 8 February 2020 (for the March 2020 program), reimbursement will be granted (a handling fee of 300 euros will, however, be charged.)

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